POKEMON GO: Things Every Parents Should Know Before Its Launch In India

Pokemon GO mania has taken over the world and its launching soon in India ( The pirated version is already available). This promotional video also gives a good idea of how players play the game. Pokemon Go is a new free augmented reality app for smartphones that uses mobile phone’s GPS to travel in the real world in order to catch the Pokemon. While the game is inherently good for kids as it gets the players out of the house and keeps them active, there are a few points that parents should have knowledge of to keep their kids safe.

Here are the things every Indian parent should know about the viral game:

1. Sharing Personal Data

GPS based gaming. Your phone’s Geo-location has to be turned on in order for the app to work. Be very cautious of this, as you are basically sharing your physical location at all times

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2. The Game Requires You To Step Outside

Pokemon Go requires you to keep looking at your phone for signs of Pokemon and other in-game landmarks like Pokemon Gyms, Pokestops. This is quite dangerous on Indian roads, the kids might injure themselves during the play as their concentration will be completely on the game. The game also warns you to always stay aware of your surroundings. We suggest you educate the same to your kids or you should accompany them whenever they go out to play the game.

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3. There Are No Age Restrictions

Although the age mentioned by the app maker to sign up is 13 years or more, children below 13 years are also permitted to use the app if they get their parents to make a verified account. A parent needs to verify that he/she is the parent of the kid. After authorization, a parent can create an account for their kid. A parent can also delete an authorized account if they wish to.

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4. Safety Issues

The app encourages kids outdoor play and social interactions with strangers, which is one of the biggest risk factors. The risks include meeting strangers,wandering to unfamiliar places. The parents must have a discussion with their kids about talking to the unfamiliar person and avoiding the dangerous locations. Ask your kid to travel in groups. You can keep track of their location using Nischint’s Geo tracking feature.

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5. In-app Purchases

Although the app is free, there are in-app purchases for getting in-game currency called Pokecoins, with which user can buy PokeBalls. So, before you let your kids play, make sure you restrict app purchases on your child’s device.


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6. It Devours Lots Of Battery And Mobile Data

The game drains the phone’s battery very fast. It might also drive up your phone’s bills as the game demands the internet and constant location tracking. You should advise your child to play this game with the battery saver mode enabled in the game’s settings. You can also download Nischint to keep a track of the battery life of your child’s device.

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Nischint is a parental control solution whose prime focus is to create a safe digital environment for children today. We help children learn how to use their devices responsibly and also provide parents with the ability to monitor their child’s lives online. With Nischint parents can schedule app and device usage, so that children can focus while they are at school/studying/playing and they get to experience the best of both worlds.

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