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1. What is Nischint?

“Nischint” is the most advanced parental guidance and a unique software application service designed to support parents in their quest to provide the best level of information on digital media across all devices.

2. Why do we need Nischint?

Our kids are constantly exposed to online, social and physical threats. Nischint is the most comprehensive solution towards child protection.

3. What are the benefits?

Nischint provides you with a host of benefits. We encourage you to go through  key benefits

4. What platforms/devices are supported by Nischint?

Nischint is currently available on

  • iOS, V 7.0 and above
  • Android V3.0 and above

The application can be installed on any tablet, smart-phone that is on iOS and Android. The web application can be accessed through any browser.

5. Does Nischint support Windows operating system?

We are working towards building a robust solution for windows devices as well. Our current release does not support windows

6. Does Nischint come with both Parent and Child App?

Yes. Nischint has a unique Parent application that enables to you receive real time alerts, view activity, set up preferences and have a quick view of your child’s online activity. Nischint’s child application once installed, will operate continuously and will enable you to monitor your child’s activity at any time.

1. How do I install Nischint?

Installing nischint on your child device is easy.

  • Step 1 of 2 – Register yourself as a Parent interested in Nischint either through our weblink www.nischint.in/login or by downloading our application from Android Market Place or Apple App Store. Please fill in all the details
  • Step 2 of 2 – Access your child device and download Nischint. Access the tab named “Activate your child device”. Fill in your email id and password. You will be sent a unique passcode on your email. Please use this passcode to complete the registration.

Do not forget to change your passcode to a sequence of digits which you may easily remember. We highly recommend not to share the same with anyone.

2. As a parent, I have deleted my Nischint application can I reinstall the same?

Reinstalling is very easy. All you need to do is download the application from Android Market place or Apple App Store and login using your email id and password. In the unfortunate event that you lose you device, you can access your child’s account from our web portal, www.nischint.net

3. My child has recently bought a new device, how do I install the same on the new device?

Installing Nischint in a new child device is easy and intuitive. Firstly, go to your parent Nischint application family section and select the option of remove device. Second, install Nischint in the new device, go to activate my child device and follow the simple steps

4. 10. How can I view and protect my child if I don’t have a compatible device?

Our web link will help you view your child’s account anywhere/anytime. All you need to do is go to www.nischint.net and login using your username and password. For compatible device please click here

1. How do I uninstall Nischint?

If for any reason you need to uninstall Nischint. All you need to do is to access your child device, go to settings and enter your passcode. Follow the steps thereafter to uninstall Nischint

1. What is a dashboard?

A dashboard gives the most important, relevant and easy view of your child’s device. Once logged in dashboard is the 1st Nischint Screen that comes up and shows

  • Last alerts
  • Quick view of Calls, SMS, Top Sites Visited, Top Applications used and GPS data.

Advanced version users can have a view of upto last 30 days. Advanced version users can also view GPS current location, most visited location in the past week and GPS track of the day.

2. What reports can I see?

The following reports can be customised for a period of 3 Months

  • Phone Calls
  • SMS
  • Contacts
  • Images
  • Video
  • Application
  • GPS logs
  • Alert Logs
3. The report says “Data not supported by child device” Why?

All the above reports are well supported by android devices version 3 and above
However few of the features are not supported by iOS and windows devices. Please refer to our Features matrix.

4. The report section gives me an option to customise dates? Can I set any date/duration?

All reports can be customized up to 3 months.

5. My child does not wish us to monitor his phone calls / images etc, can I switch off this setting?

Yes. You can easily switch off the feature by just clicking on the feature icon. A red cross appears on the feature icon to show that the feature is not being monitored.

6. What can I do with App Management?

The App and Device Management feature helps you to block applications or set up a schedule for applications usage.
Our device management features enables complete Lock of the device. This feature can also be scheduled

7. How can I set schedules for application usage?

To set up a block schedule for an application form your parent app

  • Move the bar to highlight Block
  • Click on the clock sign to set a schedule
  • Give the schedule name (e.g. Homework time/ play time)
  • Set the start and end time (please allow maximum 10 minutes for the schedule to be implemented)
  • Select the days of the week when the schedule will be repeated. (be default all days are selected)
  • Click done

Note: if you do not set a time schedule the application is permanently blocked until allowed from the parent application.

8. I have just set up a block schedule, however it did not apply the schedule immediately? Why?

Our servers currently take a maximum of 10 minutes to update the rule and policy.

9. What websites can be filtered?

We have a database of 3.7 Million websites which have been handpicked and categorised into various categories. We have blocked a few categories by default.

10. How can I add my own website for blocking?

Blocking your own website filter is easy.

  • Go to website filter
  • Press the Submenu button on the right hand corner
  • Press the Blocked Websites option
  • Enter the URL in the next screen and press add
  • The list of blocked websites appear below

Please note that this feature works only with the default browser in Android (usually Chrome for Android V3 to 4.2 and Internet explorer from V4.3 and above)

11. One of the websites is coming blocked, I want it to be allowed how do I make this setting?

Adding your own allowed website filter is easy.

  • Go to website filter
  • Press the Submenu button on the right hand corner
  • Press the Allowed Websites option
  • Enter the URL in the next screen and press add
  • The list of allowed websites appear below

Please note that this feature works only with the default browser in Android (usually Chrome for Android V3 to 4.2 and Internet explorer from V4.3 and above)

12. 23. How do I set website filters on my childs iOS device?

Nischints child iOS application comes with a safe browser. We would encourage you to tell your child to use the same.You can also set restrictions using the following guide

  • Click Enable
  • Click Restrictions
  • Click General
  • Go to Settings
  • Disable Safari, Installing Apps and Deleting Apps by Sliding ON/OFF button to OFF Your child will have to use Nischint browser to ensure safe search.
  • Create a four digit Passcode. Make sure you remember the passcode for the future
  • Under the allowed content section, select Apps and choose 12+ or less age-based filtering for applications, otherwise your child can download another unfiltered browser applications
  • We recommend you to remove any other browsers Apps from this device, ex. Chrome, Opera, etc, to ensure all surfing is done through Safe Browser which stops unwanted content.
13. How do I use the Geo Safe Zone feature?

The Geo safe zone feature allows you to set up to 3 safe zones. To set up a safe zone, please pin point the location in the map and long press. You will be asked to set a name for the geo safe zone and set a radius ranging from 500m to 5km.

14. How many geo safe zones can I set? Why do I need choose a radius

You may set up to 3 geo safe zones per child. A radius is set to define the perimeter of the safe zone

15. What happens when my child device leaves the Geo safe zone

You will be instantly notified via an email and app notification

16. Can I set different geo safe zones for different child devices?

Yes, you may easily change geo safe zones for different child devices.

17. I got a notification when my child enters the safe zone? Why?

This is to proactively inform you that your child is now in a safe zone set by you

18. Can I change the geo safe zone? How frequently?

You may change the geo safe zones for your child as often as you like. To change the safe zone click/pull up the arrow at the bottom of your screen and click the red cross. Once the safe zone is deleted, follow the same steps and set up a new safe zone.

19. Are there any restrictions on iOS devices?

Yes, monitoring features like phone, sms, websites and applications cannot be accessed and displayed if your child is using an iOS device.

20. Are records from the child device updated on real time?

Yes, all records are updated on near real time basis provided your child device is connected to the internet.

21. Does Nischint services work on WiFi and cellular data connections?

Yes, all nischint services work on WiFi and cellular data (GPRS, EDGE. 3G and 4G/LTE)

22. How are alerts sent?

Alerts are sent via email and push app notifications.

23. What is Shout out?

Shout out is an emergency service which allows your child to contact 3 people defined by you. The emergency notification is sent via email, push app notification and SMS (charges applied to the childs mobile account).

1. For how long can I enjoy Nischint free version?

Rest assured. We have the free version available forever.

2. What are the features that come with Nischint Free version?

Please see our downloads section to see the features

3. I want to add more features to my free version subscription?

We are working on launching a Nischint Advance version which will give you more advanced features

4. Can I add more than one child in my account?

Yes, you will be able to add more than one child with our advanced version

1. What are the features of Nischint Advanced Version?

Nischint Advanced version, gives you the following features

  • Extended dashboard upto last 30 days
  • GPS track of the day.
  • Reports – upto 3 months of usage
  • Application and device management
  • Geo Space and Geo Safe zone
  • Timeline
  • Facebook, Social Media
2. What is the key difference between Nischint Free version and advanced version?

The Free version allows user only a dashboard which gives data upto only 7 days

1. I cannot see any data on dashboard?

Please ensure the following

  • Your child device has active internet connection. Nischint services can work only with an active WiFI or Cellular data network connection
  • Your child device is compatible. We support Android V3 and above and iOS version 7.1 and above
  • Your child is using the same device in which Nischint is installed.

If you still continue to face an issue. Please write to us info@nischint.in.

2. I cannot see the current location of my child?

Please refer to the above points. In addition please ensure that GPS on your childs device is active

3. I have forgotten my passcode?

Please use the link of Resend passcode from your child device.

4. I installed the child and parent version of the application in the same device?

First – you will need to uninstall Nischint on your device. To uninstall Nischint follow the below simple steps

  • Press Settings
  • Enter your passcode, in case you have forgotten the same please use the resend passcode option.
  • A new passcode will be sent to your registered email id.
  • Select the option – Uninstall Nischint
  • Follow the steps to complete uninstalling.

Second–if you want to use your same id to reinstall again

  • Please log in to our web portal on www.nischint.netwith you old username and password.
  • Go to my family section and choose remove device.

Once you have done the same. You can start the process of registration from the web or your parent application.