Calls, SMS, images, videos, apps and browsing


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Real time location of your child and also set upto 3 safe zones for your child. Get real time alerts

Key Features

Accurate, Real Time and Graphical

Monitor – Calls, SMS , Images, Videos, Apps and Websites

With Nischint Monitoring feature you can now monitor :Phone Calls – Outgoing , incoming and missed calls, SMS – Sent and Received, Images, Videos Applications used and Websites visited.

Schedule Application Usage

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more like computers. Now customise mobile devices by installing software - known as mobile applications, or "apps".

Device Management

Usage of child devices can be very tricky and if you feel that your child device has been compromised stolen or lost. This feature enables you to completely lock the child device remotely.

Geo Track and Geo Safe Zone

With Nischint Geo track and Safe zone you not only get to know where your child is but can also set up to 3 safe-zones. Rest assured we let you when you kid enters and exits a safe zone

Website Filter

With a database of more than 3.7Mn URLs you can be rest assured that objectionable content can be easily blocked using Nischints website filter features. Whats more, we know there are a zillion websites that we are unable to track thereby allowing you to create your own list of blocked websites

Social Media Monitoring

Gone are the days where our children would socialize on football field or over a board game at home. We live in an age of online and off world. Nischint gives the parents an option to connect to their child's Facebook account.


Nischint for Education

Designed for Education, Ensuring undivided attention in class at home or anywhere else. Included usage supervision and location tracking.

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Nischint for Telco's

New Segment, New customers, New revenue streams!

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What our Customers Saying

Astonishing So far the best app i ever I can control my little brother from the negativity.I will rate this app 5 out of 5.and I also advice every one to download this app. PEACE!

Omer Younus

Its worthy My mom loves it because my younger brother is not telling anything about his whole day routine now my mom love this app its working at every panel amazing experience never believe that this app is really awesome

Amit Meena

Great App Very nice idea..Its a revolutionary app ..Very helpfull for child security

Krishnendra Paliwal

Really Nice and useful app This app is very useful app for parents which helps in to know about their children's. Nischint Parental Guidance app is nice app download it as early as possible.

Anil Dahiya