PUBG Game Addiction are more like drug addiction & how parents can protect their kids

What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a shooting online multiplayer battle royale game

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is the second-best-selling  game (24 million copies sold)

Impact of PUBG game on kids

(PUBG) seems to be giving a new high to schoolchildren on their mobile devices, and a digital de-addiction clinic on an average receives 5 cases on PUBG addiction.

The five cases are the tip of the iceberg & dangerous too. The boys aged 12-17 were counseled at the Services for Healthy Use of Technology (SHUT) clinic of National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience for addiction to PUBG.

Read more: Times of India

How parents can find their children’s addicted to PUBG or Signs of PUBG addiction on children.

    1. Increase in usage of mobile devices.

      Because every game or mission continues for around 30 to45mins non-stop once mission completed, next mission starts or levels up & never-ending.


    1.  Kids usually make use of headphones & play door locked.

      This online game is multiplayer & team game. However, he/she needs to communicate to another team player. So usually kids make use of headphones etc & also for avoiding outside disturbances they play door locked.

    2. Kids start Spending Money Online on PUBG

      Like any online games, PUBG  promotes the gamer to buy online from the PUBG inventory like weapons etc.


    1. Kids Usually post the PUBG task or mission completion poster on their Social Media

      Kids Usually receive a kind of poster from PUBG as soon they Complete a task or mission. More than a game PUBG has created a Hype if he/she playing PUBG then they are considered as super cool & also compete with friends on the max level completion.


    1. Finally, Kids start Spending less time with family.

      Since this game gets a new high to kids aged 12 & above like a drug.  Any kid once starts playing  PUBG they never bother for an outside world. However, a small distraction can lose them on a game so they usually play in a place where family do not disturb them.


How Parents can protect their Kids from PUBG addiction & Set Parental Controls on their Mobile devices.

  1. Use Parental Control Apps like Nischint & set mobile usage time .

    Nischint helps parents to remotely set mobile usage time may be for individual apps or any games from parent mobile device or PC. Once the time set he/she can use the respective app or games only for the predetermined time period only. Set Time period like dinner, sleep etc.

  2. Set ground rules or guidelines to kids on using their mobile devices.

    Setting ground rules for mobile device usage or internet usage etc.

  3.  Educate  Kids on health imbalances or issues caused due to the excess usage of mobile devices.

    Its clinically proved that using excessive mobile devices at dark will impact the eyes & also result in blindness. Also, educate them about the mobile & game addictions etc.

  4. Parents need to  be friendly & spend more time with kids

    Being friendly with a kid & Spending time with kid help you understand kid better. Solve any problem in a simpler way.

  5. Parents should Monitor child social media

    Parents need to monitor child social media & guide them on the being the cyber smart citizen.

    Download  Free Parental Control app – Where NISCHINT helps parents can Monitor, Control & protect child mobile devices remotely at realtime.



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