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Mobile Usage Time Management- Set Screen time For Android & iOS

As parents, we seek ways to reduce the amount of time our children spend staring at smartphones and tablets throughout the day.
Solution is here with Nischint App Blocker & Set Mobile Screen Time Features where you can remotely disables all web browsers and mobile apps on iPhone and Android devices at-a-touch or through scheduled App usage time blocking.
The Nischint app blocker is a dream come true with parents. Whether you want to stop device use during study,meals or bedtime, we let you easily block apps with just one touch of your finger remotely.

For Example if you want to Block Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Games etc in the study hours you can schedule app block time from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM just with a tap or click .Soon after the set time the Apps will be active automatically. You can also block app or set screen time accordingly for dinner,lunch, bed time etc.

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