How parents can Protect their kids Online to avoid Swatting Game

Prank calls are harmless that is something on which most of us will agree, but, is it really harmless if it happens to an unbearable extent. One of the most troubling channels of online molestation is Swatting. Two years ago it was a prank played on online gamers broadcasting their live gaming video streams but nowadays it has become a continuous phenomenon. “Swatting” is a type of prank whereby someone falsely notifies police of a serious threat, such as the bomb-making or a hostage situation, in an attempt to have police respond with a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team to a targeted address; to a location
where no emergency actually is occurring.

Following are the tips for parents to protect their children from Online swatting game

1. A parent should never let their child use the same username multiple times


If you’re using the same username that you have used on a couple of other

online platforms then this is something that someone can use to start putting

together with information about you. So, from next time onwards be cautious before

opening multiple accounts on any of the social media platforms because of you

might end up harassing yourself.

Swatting Game

2. A parent should remove all Personal & Location Information from their kids

Online Profiles

We often forget that all our details, everything we buy, the posts we like, the

photos we share on social media platforms and anything we do online is to some

extent a reflection of our personality. Marketers get all our information from

our Facebook account, Instagram account, and our online searches. Therefore,

only keep necessary information on your social profiles and on your other online

accounts in order to ensure no one can access your personal or location

3. Parents shall follow the clues and educate them about online swatting game dangers

A simple username plugged into Google and other online search services can

potentially disclose phone numbers, email addresses, place of work,

relatives, social media platforms, and personal home addresses. Personally

connected social media with public profiles can fetch an amazing amount of
information to those who are willing to look for it. A publicly shared email

an address can lead to a personal Facebook account with a public facing profile,

which can lead to a Twitter account with workplace information, and so on. You

can be an easy catch for someone who is interested in gathering your


4. Parents should guide their children about the shortfalls of using different


Usually what happens is when going to friend’s or neighbor’s place we

immediately look for their wi-fi password. But this can cause a problem for you

as the child can easily get access to whatever content they desire by using some

unsecured network. Therefore, always try to avoid using wi-fi at other places as

it will leak all your searches and login information through that particular


5. Use Parental Controls

Make use of best parental controls apps available online which can help and

guide you on how you can monitor, manage and protect your kids online like
Nischint Parental Control App

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