Free Calls, Unlimited Internet.. Are Indian Teens Prepared for Reliance Jio?

Are Indian Teens  Prepared for Reliance Jio? Digital Security

Printing press changed the world of education. Six centuries later we are undergoing another transformation with the development of Internet, mobile phones, mobile apps, tablets, laptops, and other modern devices, things are becoming more and more digitalised in today’s world and which is slowly but surely taking education from the paper to the pixel.

Reliance JIO, indias new disruptive telecom service provider, promises to proliferate access to information anytime anywhere

we envisage the following benefits

1. Catalyzing, Digital Education & free flow information.

Adoption of digital technologies in indian schools have been at snail’s pace. Lack of infrastructure, connectivity, technologically savvy schools are a few reasons. What JIOs entrance does is drop the price barrier and raise the bar of affordability.
Imagining every kid with a connected device is not far from reality and once that happens education will be above and beyond classrooms.
The Digital India programme by the Indian Govt also has Digital Education as priority and we believe JIO catalyses this further

2. Local Access Global Exposure

Recalling our days of education wherein teacher’s information/instruction was much like gospel as if god almighty had said those words. We would relentlessly take down notes just to mug up, vomit in an answer sheet score marks and repeat the same next year.
When source of information becomes boundless, the mind explores and we envisage the transformation of classroom from a room of one way instructions to a room of discussion, references and debates

3. Entering an Era of knowledge based Economy

limitless access to Internet will definately enable to
• Keep a track of the syllabus with course planner
• Get high quality study material, productivity tools, progress and performance meter and more
• Study at your own convenience.
• Assessment for learning -Digital learning powers continuous feedback from content-embedded assessment, games, simulations, and adaptive learning. When students can track their own progress it can improve motivation and agency.


However, with the good comes the bad and the bad comes the good

• Addiction is one of the major reasons why teenagers are discouraged from spending more time on the internet that required. Once a teenager gets addicted to the several social networking websites as well as the adult content present on the internet, it is needless to say that their social and academic skills are going to be largely affected by it.
• There may be increase in cyber-crime like Cyber bullying, sexting, Online predators with the free internet.

And this is how we can help

1. Talk to Kids about Online Risks & Dangers ( Cyber Bullying and Cyber Threats)
2. Use Parental control Application or Apps like NISCHINT to Manage, Monitor and Protect your teenagers from online dangers.

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