11 useful apps for teenagers in India

Teenagers have previously lagged behind adults in their ownership of cell phones. But its not the same now, nearly three-quarters of teens owns a smartphone or a tablet. Apart from the purpose of entertainment, there are various apps out there which are instructive, educational and help teenagers to concentrate better on their school or college work. Installing some of these apps on your teen’s phone will make their life a whole lot easier.

Here are some Apps recommended for teenagers:


1. myHomework (iOS and Androidhelps to save the class schedule, and set reminders and deadlines for the assignments. At the end of the year, the student also have a comprehensive list of all the assignments they have done for each course  


2. AudioNote (iOS and Android lets you record the audio of your lectures and synchronizes it with your notes. The app’s best function is that it lets the student to click on a word in their notes to go back to that point on the audio recording.


3. Dropbox (iOS and Android) helps teenagers to keep all their notes and study material in one place, removing the fear of losing them or mysteriously deleting from their hard drives.


4. Ridlr (Android) gives real time information on bus, metro and train timings, with cancellations, delays and alternative suggestions for transport.


 5. Alarmy (iOS and Android) is an alarm app with a twist. It requires the user to do certain simple tasks, like clicking a picture or shaking the phone a certain number of times for the ringing to stop, helping the user wake up without hitting the snooze button.


6. Toshl (iOS and Android) is an app which helps you to organize and keep a record of all expenses, with an option to add details for every expense. Teenagers can use tags to organize their expenses. So it is easy for them to differentiate those new shoes from the rack of books they just bought. Set a budget and stick to it.


7. CamScanner (iOS and Android) is an app that uses the phone camera to scan an image and convert it into a PDF to easily share it over mail or text.


8. Dunno (iOS) is an research-it-later application which helps you jot down things you want to know or research, but don’t have time to when it crosses your mind. It helps keep a record of all our ‘brainslaps’ (a term coined by the Dunno team for random thoughts that cross your mind).


9. SelfControl (iOS and Android) lets students block certain websites for a desired time and schedule their routine for multiple days to help them concentrate.


10.VithU (iOS and Android) is an emergency app that alerts your selected contacts at the click of a button.


11. WolfRam|Alpha (iOS and Android) uses its vast collection of data to generate the best results, covering a wide range of subjects. 

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