Tips to Good Digital Parenting & To Become good Digital Parent

It’s really hard for parents in this digital age.

Today our children have an incredible opportunity of exposing themselves to technology & learn to create and also communicate with friends or strangers.

Now the Questions that strikes to every parent

How can parents become a good digital parent?

Or Have you ever wondered how to talk to your kids about proper use of technology?

Parenting today’s tech-savvy kids can seem overwhelming. But you can do it!

Here are the Tips to good digital parenting

1. Educate Yourself  on Latest Technologies

It is very important that parents are confident in their understanding of digital devices, social media & apps, games, and their ability to help guide their children at every age to ensure a positive experience online.

– Search Online for anything you don’t understand & update yourself

– Use the apps, games, websites & social media platform etc yourself.

2. Be a Friend and follow, but don’t stalk on social media

Be a friend of your kids on their social media accounts also follow your kids on Twitter, Instagram & Youtube. But never be tempted to spy on your kids. Have a friendly conversation & spend time with kids. Also, like the images, they post online.

3. Build the trust & Give some Space

Especially with teenagers kids Transparency is the must.

Give them some space to experiment (healthy) risk, So that they can themselves build a capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Also be so friendly with your kid that he or she can share you with the risks & online dangers like cyberbullying etc with no hesitations. So as parents you can intervene if needed or also give a solution to fight themselves against the dangers.

4. Set Ground Rules for Kids


Parents need to know to create ground rules for their kid’s digital use.

-No devices at dinner

– handing in their phones at night

– Also, let your kids know that they will lose online privileges if they break the rules.

-Be clear about what those sanctions will be.

5. Use Parental Controls 

It goes without saying that there is content on the Internet you don’t want your kids stumbling upon or use apps & games when sleeping, or watching adult or irrelevant content online.

Using Parental Controls & Parental Control apps like Nischint for Android & iPhone (iOS Devices).

Will help you achieve all the above tips at your fingertips to good digital parenting


– Set Screen Time or App & games usage time.

– Monitor Browsing History

– Block Porn, adult & irrelevant content.

– Monitor Images Videos

– Monitor Social Media

– GPS Tracking & Much More


The above  Features will protect your kids from online dangers & ease your life to become a good digital parent & more than all a friend like a parent.


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