How safe is Snapmap or Snapchat Maps feature for kids

Is Snapchat Map or Snap Map safe for children?

As with any technology, device, platform, or service, new features can have an unexpected impact on user safety and privacy.

Snapchat have recently released a new feature called Snap Map.

PARENT ALERT: Snapchat Maps Update Could Put Your Child At Risk!

For parents, Snap Map may be a cause for concern about their kids using this feature.

As we all know kids are always faster in using new technology when compared to parents. But it’s very important for parents to be educated on the technology, social media & it’s features.


What is Snapmap? How does it work?

Snapchat users can mark their current location on a map and post videos from their location to show their friends real-time. The idea is that people can see what their friends are doing so they can keep in touch and meet up if nearer.


Much worse are the damaging possibilities if the information is open & in the hands of unknown.

It’s a matter of serious concern to parents, but for a teen or children, this might seem like harmless fun.


How can parents protect their children from Snapmap?

(i) The Snapchat user can control the Snapmap feature in Privacy.

Snap Map Feature of the Snapchat feature is off by default until a user chooses to turn it on.

Opt-in by default is an important safety feature, but it is noteworthy that a person with access to the account could still turn on location sharing without the account owner’s knowledge. Because of this, it’s important that users know how to find the location sharing setting so that they can check to see if someone has turned it on without their permission.


(ii) If Kids Already Using Snapchat Map or  SnapmapHow can parents make Snap Map safer for kids

There are a number of ways to increase privacy when your kid using Snap Map:
1. Ask them to enable Ghost Mode, this allows you to view other’s locations without revealing your own. This will automatically kick in after a couple of hours of inactivity
2. Turn off GPS on your child mobile devices stop the application knowing where you are
3. When sharing a location, always ask them to take care and only select the friends they wish to know your whereabouts realtime.


Like most digital technological advancements or updates, Snapchat Map or Snap Map is a double-edged sword. Realistically, it presents a very real danger in becoming a tool for those who want to intentionally harm others.


(iii) Parents Need to Educate Kids on Online Dangers & Harmful effects on Location Sharing

First Important thing parent needs to be a friend of kid offline & Online on their social media. When you become a friend in their Snapchat you will be able to see what their friends see on snapchat. If required you can intervene & educate them about Harmful effects etc.


(iv) Parents Need to Educate Themselves  

It is very much important for the parents to become digital parents & use the technology or apps which their kid uses. However, kids are fast learners of technology parents need to prove their children’s on the app they use etc. Sometimes kids might end up with the wrong intention like parent snooping on their privacy. So the best way is to remotely monitor child mobile devices using Parental controls  like Nischint Parental Control Apps which is available on Google Play store & Apple (iOS) App Store where parents can Monitor Social Media, Browsing History, Apps, Games etc.

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