Benefits of being Digital Moms

This article discusses benefits of being digital moms which may help moms to raise connected children and protect them from the cruelties of the digital world also secure them from online dangers.

Parents especially mom play a significant role in inculcating children with a healthy and positive attitude towards technology. We cannot expect our children to be good digital citizens if we are not signifying a good citizenship. ‘Do what I do’ is more influential than ‘do what I say’ in parenting. As digital moms, we need to make sure that we are a step ahead when it comes to technology. There are many risks our children are exposed to when going online. Some involve their information and data, and others involve them as a person. 


Here are some of the key benefits of being Digital Moms


1. Helps you in bridging the Generation Gap

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There are many reasons why this gap exists between parents & kids especially parents & teens. But the major one is that most teens have grown up using technology and are habitual to the place it holds in almost every aspect of their daily lives. Our parents have been on the Internet much longer than we have. They were the ones who taught us what an email is and how to use a desktop. But now the tables have turned. We’re the ones who teach our parents about the Internet and social media. Hence, being a digital mom will not only help you to eliminate the generation gap between you and your children. But also helps you to observe more about your children psychological behavior, their interests, etc which in turn help you to grow them as a better person.


2. Expertise in making use of technology & Educating your children on Digital Security

Stay up to date-for parents to be effectively engaged in their children’s digital media activities demands not only time and money but also expertise. Your 7-year-old could better use the Instagram features than you do. Keep educating yourself on the technologies, apps, and games your kids take interest in. It will help you ensure whether they are on the right stuff or not. You can learn from the videos and tutorials on YouTube and other websites explaining technologies. Where you can also guide your children on digital safety tips & educate them about the online dangers


3. Protect your kids from being Cyberbullied

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Many kids are reluctant to report being bullied, even to their parents because they feel embarrassed to discuss such things with their parents.  A digital mom can always guide and help her children to get out of such situations if she herself is aware of the latest websites and tools to protect kids from cyberbullying. Parents who want to protect their children from cyberbullying, harmful digital behavior, and exposure to adult content can also use parental control and monitoring software to help them set up systems that are less invasive to their children


4. Educate children about online reputation & how to be cyber smart citizen


The digital world is constantly evolving with new social media platforms, apps, and devices. But children and teens are often the first to use them. Some negative things that may occur include sexting, posting hateful messages or content, and participating in negative group conversations. If your child posts harmful or negative content online, it may not only harm other children but it can also affect their online reputation, which can have negative implications in their employment and educational career as well.


5. Privacy management an e- skill every parent must own


A digitally naive parent poses a clear risk to the privacy and online safety of children. In a moment of parental pride, post pictures, videos or information about their children online, unaware of violation of privacy rights of children and worse, opening them up for public scrutiny. Privacy management in Internet and social networks is possibly the primary and most important e-skill that a parent must possess to protect their children.



Being a digital mom in a digital world is not easy but one thing is certain – it will be a lot easier if we as parents are informed and up to date with what children do. Our kids are growing up in a world full of screens and where social media rules. The good old days of loading an antivirus app and restricting access are over. Phones and tablets have changed that dramatically, and although parental control tools for these devices have been growing over the past few years.

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