5 Signs That Your Teenager May Be In Trouble Online


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Below are five signs that your teenager may be in trouble online or digitally insecure.  If any of these signs apply to your child, you will want to take action right away.

1 – Teen’s Use laptop, mobile or tablet at the Same Time Everyday

Surfing the Net

What many parents do not realize is that children and teenagers can easily become targets of online predators.  Many also do not realize that this process doesn’t always happen overnight.  Some online predators pretend to be the ages of their targets.  They then work to gain the trust of those targets.  This can take a few days or a few weeks.  You may be able to tell if this is happening though if your child gets on the internet at the same time, every single day.  This is a good sign that they are communicating directly with someone, who may not have pure intentions.

2 –They are Very Happy When Getting Off the Mobile Phone or Laptop


If your child is excessively happy when they log out the internet, they may be on the path to trouble.  This sign can be a little bit tricky though.  Your child may be happy because they just finished a school project, but you honestly never know.  If your teenager is communicating with someone online, they may be in the process of starting a relationship, which they are happy about.  Unfortunately, many teenagers do not realize that anyone can hide behind a computer.  That is why it is important that you talk to your child about the dangers of starting an online romance.

3– They look Very Depressed


As previously stated, your child may be very happy when using the internet, but another warning sign is that they are depressed, especially when they sign off the computer.  What many parents do not realize is that other teenagers use the internet for harassment.  If your teenager has a falling out with one of their friends, they may find themselves being harassed online.  If that is the case, your child may seem very down, depressed, and withdrawn.

4– They are very Secretive When They Use their Mobile or Laptop

Teenager With Cellphone

How does your child act when they are using the laptop, mobile and tablet?  Does your child try to hide what they are doing online from you?  If they automatically shut off the computer or put a game on the screen, they may be trying to prevent you from seeing what they are doing online.  This is a good sign that your child may be doing something they shouldn’t be doing online, like having direct, personal conversations with a stranger, who may be a child predator.

5 – Loses Interest in Activities

 Kids and teens who are depressed may lose interest in sports or activities they used to enjoy, because they have the reduced ability to function in events and social activities also withdrawal from friends and family, pervasive trouble in relationships.

The five above mentioned signs are just a few of the many that you will want to look for to see if your child is in trouble online.  With that said, there are additional signs that you will want to be on the lookout for, the biggest being a change in behaviour.  If you do suspect that your child has or is about to run into trouble online, be sure to talk to them and as soon as possible.

Solution to Manage, Monitor and Protect Child or teens from digital Threats or Online Dangers

  1. Talk to Kids about Online Risks & Dangers( Cyber Bullying and Cyber Threats)
  2. Use Parental Control Apps or parental Guidance app like NISCHINT to manage, monitor & protect your teenager’s digital activity remotely.
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