20 12, 2018

What parents need to know about Dangerous Video Live streaming App: The LiveMe app

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When it comes to monitoring child online or monitoring their social media we feel it as half the battle. Since technology is growing faster & easily available online children have been the initial users of the newest social media channels like Instagram, snapchat etc. However, parents today need to pay attention to new social media trend of live cams, video broadcasting or streaming live videos online. Would you invite the outside world [...]

30 11, 2018

PUBG Game Addiction are more like drug addiction & how parents can protect their kids

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What is PUBG? PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a shooting online multiplayer battle royale game "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" is the second-best-selling  game (24 million copies sold) Impact of PUBG game on kids (PUBG) seems to be giving a new high to schoolchildren on their mobile devices, and a digital de-addiction clinic on an average receives 5 cases on PUBG addiction. The five cases are the tip of the iceberg & dangerous too. The boys aged 12-17 were [...]

11 12, 2017

Tips to Good Digital Parenting & To Become good Digital Parent

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It's really hard for parents in this digital age. Today our children have an incredible opportunity of exposing themselves to technology & learn to create and also communicate with friends or strangers. Now the Questions that strikes to every parent How can parents become a good digital parent? Or Have you ever wondered how to talk to your kids about proper use of technology? Parenting today's tech-savvy kids can seem overwhelming. But [...]

26 07, 2017

Summer Internet Usage Rules for Kids- Are you following them?

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Its summer time. The kids are out of school and  you are worried about their internet usage. In your mind you're thinking this means trips to the park, camping out and having them running loose through your neighborhood. Sad but outdoor activities could be a thing of past. Kids these days spend more time in front of a screen than playing outside. They rely on electronic devices such as TVs, smartphones, tablets, [...]

26 10, 2016

Things Every Parents Should Know About Snapchat App

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As more parents and grandparents embrace Facebook, teens seem to be inclined towards newer forms of social media. They are bored of mom posting old photos of them and telling family stories, no matter how cute and adorable their parents think they are. A popular app and one the most commonly misused apps by teens on smartphones or tablets is Snapchat. Snapchat has grown widely popular in a very short period of [...]

18 08, 2016

5 Mistakes Kids Make Online

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  Social media looks very exciting to children. It is filled with new places and people. It can easily be all consuming unless boundaries are established. Social media has many different venues: Skype, Facebook, Kik, Instagram, and Twitter just to name a few.  With all these different platforms comes different rules for engagement and many times kids and teens do not understand the potential dangers of engaging on social media and different [...]

4 12, 2015

Striking the Digital Balance

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Children today are being introduced to digital devices from a very early age. An overnight train journey today presents the funny picture of how parents are using digital technology, as a means to distract children when it comes to even the simplest of activities like eating dinner. But this situation begs the question, how do we strike a digital balance in a digital world? With digital technology seeping into almost every aspect [...]

30 06, 2015

Smart Schools, Smarter Parents

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Topic :Smart Schools, Smarter Parents. “Mohammad what are you doing outside” Mohammad: “Nothing mom I am on my iPad” Mom: “What is aaliya doing?” Mohammad: “She is playing with me” Mom: “What are you guys playing?” Mohammad : “(Some game name), gosh there are some weird ones out there” This is a conversation I overheard in a household one evening in December 2013. Jogging through some fantastic villas and bungalows in emirates [...]

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