4 07, 2017

3 Key points to keep children safe online- This Summer

By | 2017-07-27T13:22:58+00:00 July 4th, 2017|online safety, Parental Control|2 Comments

Whether you're worried about what kids might see on YouTube or who they might speak to on Facebook, we have the best tips for keeping them safe online. Much of the internet is a fabulous resource for kids, whether it's Wikipedia for helping with homework, online games, social networks, videos, music and more. However, there are an equal number of websites that you wouldn’t want them going anywhere near.   One of [...]

14 06, 2017

How to keep your children safe from social media dangers

By | 2017-07-25T13:48:59+00:00 June 14th, 2017|social media|0 Comments

Today's kids are more social media savvy than ever. Six-year-old children are as digitally advanced today as 10-year-olds were 3 years ago. A whopping 80% of teens online use some form of social media, and they're sharing more information about themselves on social media than they have in the past.   Teenagers and children nowadays spend a good amount of time online using social media, streaming content, and even uploading their [...]

25 03, 2017

This Holiday Make Your Kid’s Screentime Productive

By | 2017-04-05T13:56:19+00:00 March 25th, 2017|Screentime|0 Comments

How can you ensure you don’t spend most of the holidays arguing about how long your children spend in front a screen?Screentime is a hot topic and one of the biggest concern among parents these days. Many of us are sensibly tensed about our kids overusing smartphone and gadgets, and the potential dangers involved in doing so. As parents, we should understand that our children are growing up in a vastly different [...]

23 03, 2017

Top 7 Secret Messaging Apps Teens That Parents Should Know

By | 2017-07-25T13:44:11+00:00 March 23rd, 2017|Applications|0 Comments

Communicating with friends via mobile devices has come a long way since text messaging. It now includes photos, videos, and more. Instead of using only one way to send messages, teens (and adults) are using lots of different secret messaging apps to share a secret here, stalk a crush there, or post a selfie anywhere.  Depending on what they want to say and to whom, teens choose the app that best fits [...]

3 03, 2017

Harmful Effects Of Smartphones On Children

By | 2017-04-17T12:03:52+00:00 March 3rd, 2017|Child Safety|0 Comments

There is no doubting the benefits of the Smartphones. Ease of communication, the anywhere, anytime contact - with friends, family and in theory at least the efficiency brought to busy lives. But every technological advance that provides such dramatic benefits has consequential costs too.   Almost 9 out of 10 children in the India now have a smartphone. While they can be beneficial in helping children stay in touch with worried parents, [...]

20 02, 2017

Tips for parents to reduce child’s stress and anxiety during exam

By | 2017-04-17T12:05:41+00:00 February 20th, 2017|parental tips, social media|0 Comments

With the exams nearing, the stress levels for the child escalates like never before. Exams and evaluations have always been associated with fear and apprehension.There are students who commit suicide just because of exam stress. Exam stress and exam anxiety are things which are common among students of all age groups. Some are capable of handling exam fear and exam stress in their own way. Some fall prey to effects of exam [...]

12 02, 2017

Are Smartphones dangerous to your kid’s eyes

By | 2017-04-17T12:10:15+00:00 February 12th, 2017|Child Safety|0 Comments

Scientists are warning parents about the dangers associated with too much cell phone use. Children holding mobile phones too close to their face are at increased risk of becoming cross-eyed with the condition affecting children who use phones four to eight hours per day. While smartphones may seem like an easy way to keep young children entertained, doctors and researchers say that there are ways to utilize smartphones without increasing your child’s [...]

8 02, 2017

Exam Time – Don’t snatch that device

By | 2017-04-17T12:11:27+00:00 February 8th, 2017|Parental Control, Screentime|0 Comments

Let's face it - there is an online generation gap between us and our kids. Social networking and media sharing Websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat expose the greatest gaps between teens’ online activities and parents’ knowledge of these activities. With the exams knocking the door, parents, are you worried about the amount of time your children spend online? It is becoming increasingly common for children from a young age to have access [...]

5 01, 2017

When is your child ready to use their own cell phone

By | 2017-04-17T12:27:59+00:00 January 5th, 2017|parental tips|0 Comments

It's a question parents have debated for over a decade: At what age should their kids be allowed to have their own cell phones? The answer varies from parent to parent and often depends on how busy the family’s schedule is as well as the maturity level of the child. Also, gifting smartphone has become a fashion for many parents. The reality is that most kids have mobile cellular devices well before [...]

5 01, 2017

Back to School 2017: Tech tips for managing screen time at home

By | 2017-04-17T12:30:53+00:00 January 5th, 2017|parental tips|0 Comments

For most students, January means a return to school after a winter vacation, it means kids need to be ready to get back into their routines and work harder than they did during the break. Winter break brings loosened reins on TV, computer and other media. It’s easy for kids to become night owls as they know they can sleep in the next morning. Both of these habits can make the first [...]

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